The athletic department of Our Lady of Humility school exists as a complementary facet of the school’s educational program. The primary goal of the athletic program is the formation of Christian ethic and values. These are strengthened through the development of leadership, commitment, skill achievement, self-esteem, teamwork, sportsmanship and competition.

We firmly believe that a sense of unity must prevail among all those involved in Our Lady of Humility athletics. In order to provide each participant with the maximum benefits of our program, coaches’, parents, school personnel and student athletes must share a sense of commitment.


1. To provide positive outlets for students desiring to participate in a competitive environment.

2. To instill self-confidence and to promote self-esteem.

3. To instill discipline, self-control, self-sacrifice, and commitment.

4. To develop student morale and school spirit.

5. To promote a healthy attitude toward sports participation by fostering an appropriate balance between school, work, recreation, and relaxation.

6. To teach students to conduct themselves in a Christian, sportsmanlike manner. To foster this objective, parents, coaches, and spectators are also expected to conduct themselves in this same Christian manner.

7. To promote the development and maintenance of physical conditioning so that they become as an integral part of one’s life pattern.

8. To encourage future participation in sporting activities.

9. To aid the athlete in realizing certain limitations and potentialities, to assist in retaining hope and overcoming fears in competitive situations.