Standardized Testing

Our Lady of Humility School School follows the recommendation of the Archdiocesan Curriculum Advisory Council and assesses all students in Grade 3 through Grade 8 through the use of the ACT ASPIRE testing instrument (grades 3-8).

Students are assessed in the areas of reading, language, math, writing and science.

At Our Lady of Humility School, the test data is used multiple ways within the school. From a curriculum and instruction standpoint the data is evaluated and analyzed for trends in achievement within and between grade levels with both short and long term lenses. This information helps guide and shift curriculum adjustments, instructional practices and professional development. Testing data is also used to look at individual student achievement within and between academic years allowing teachers and support staff to better target and meet student needs.

Our Lady of Humility School students consistently perform above national norms in all subject areas and at all grade levels. The nationally normed scores reflect the fact that our students, in Grades Three through Eight, have consistently performed one or more years above grade level on all subtests as indicated by the Grade Mean Equivalent scores. These results reflect Our Lady of Humility School’s commitment to academic excellence.