Middle School 6-8

Middle School – 6th Grade through 8th Grade

Research demonstrates the K-8 model of education has a positive impact on a child’s success because it provides the intimacy of the community, the connection to younger students as students mature, and the ongoing connection of the student to the adult community which has fostered his/her educational development from its very beginning.  Research further illustrates that, “one of the most compelling reasons to support the K-8 grade configuration is the leadership aspect for students”.  Leadership is emphasized with all students in grades six through eight having a “buddy” either preschool, kindergarten or first grade.

In October of 2015, Our Lady of Humility School opened the doors of a new middle school for grades six through eight.  The middle school offers students state of the art technology, the opportunity to meet with subject matter specialists for each of their classes, a wireless technology program which utilizes chromebooks, an updated computer lab, and classes which both challenge and interest the middle school student.

In addition to participating in a rigorous curriculum, students may participate in the Band, Youth Choir, Chess Club, Robotics, Volleyball, Basketball, Soccer, Track, Art Club and Math Team.  Emphasizing the importance of being actively engaged in our faith, students may also elect to be lectors at our Friday morning Masses or sing in the Friday Choir.

 It is the goal of our faculty and staff to guide our middle school students through the middle school years by forming relationships which honor the unique contributions of each student.  Students are encouraged to be involved, and participate in programs which develop their talents and interests.