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  • Welcome – A Note from the Principal
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Welcome – A Note from the Principal

As the principal of Our Lady of Humility, I want to thank you for your interest.  As a Catholic school in the Archdiocese of Chicago, we offer both a preschool and elementary program.  One of the unique benefits of our school is that we have the opportunity to form relationships with our children starting in our preschool three year old program and extending until they graduate from eighth grade.  In a world where change is a constant and community is often difficult to find, OLH is that community where each child and every family is important to us.

Our academic success is only part of the OLH story.  As a school dedicated to teaching and living Catholic values, our students learn the principles of faith, community, love for others, and service.  They become responsible leaders in their homes, parishes, and communities, continually using their time, talent, and treasure to make our world a better place for the next generation.

As one of over two hundred Catholic schools in the Archdiocese, we have a research based curriculum which is published on our website and are fully accredited through both the State of Illinois and an independent accrediting agency, Advanced Ed.  Our classrooms are technology rich with Smart Boards in every room and students in grades five through eight have school provided personal computers which they carry with them to every class.

The foundation of our school is a parent and parish community which gives generously of their time to provide multiple opportunities for our children. From a school choir, to a fully developed athletic program, Chess Clubs, Mathematics Teams, a Young Engineers Team and multiple other programs, we believe in educating the whole child and encouraging an active interest in both school and extracurricular programs.

We encourage you to learn more about our school by contacting the school office at (847) 746-3722, joining us for weekly Mass at 8:45 AM on Fridays, or stopping by when you have time.  We are here to help you and encourage you to experience the difference a Catholic school makes.

The History of Our Lady of Humility School

The 1950’s was a decade of rapid population growth in Lake County.  With its proximity to Illinois Beach State Park, affordable property values and large country lots, the Village of Beach Park quickly became an attractive option for families looking for a safe and affordable community.  The small country parish of Our Lady of Humility was growing rapidly and with its growth came a need to offer the children of the parish the opportunity to receive a Catholic education.

In the mid 1950’s the parish invited the Sisters of the Holy Child Jesus who were based in nearby Waukegan and who had a history of establishing nearby schools, to open a parish school.

The Sisters accepted the invitation and began working with parish leadership to build a small school with one classroom of students in grades one through six.

On September 8, 1958 classes began in the new Our Lady of Humility School.  The student body was comprised of 146 children and the blessing of the school was done on May 24, 1960 by Cardinal Meyer.  The present enrollment of 290 students includes two preschools, a kindergarten that was added in 1974 and an elementary to middle school program that extends to grade 8.
1958-Classes Begin at Our Lady of Humility  


In the mid 1990’s, the school and parish recognized a need to grow the school by constructing a multi-use parish center, gymnasium and additional classrooms. These classrooms now provide space for the two preschool programs and kindergarten class.

In 2012, as the school continued to grow, a need for a dedicated middle school was identified.  Funding for the four classroom addition was made possible through a parish-school collaboration which saw the construction completed in 2014.

Mission and Philosophy

Our Lady of Humility Mission Statement

We are the people of Our Lady of Humility Parish who provide Catholic ministry of work and sacrament. The Catholic school is deemed an important part of this ministry in order to share faith and service in the community. The Mission of Our Lady of Humility School is to actively engage the minds and spirits of all young people through a Christ-centered education, fostering success and responsibility, one child at a time.

Our Lady of Humility Philosophy

Our Lady of Humility School relies upon the family to provide the basic foundation for spiritual, academic, social, and physical development. The school strives to build upon this groundwork by:

Forming a faith community dedicated to worship, service, and appreciation of the beliefs and practices of our Roman Catholic traditions.

Developing the intellect, encouraging each child to reach his/her full potential.  Celebrating each person’s unique identity and cultural diversity.

Challenging students to be responsible for their learning and accountable for their actions.

Why Choose OLH?

The choice of what type of education and where you will enroll your children is one of the most important decisions you will make as a parent.  At Our Lady of Humility School we recognize the challenge of this decision and encourage you to consider the following:

  1.  Do you want your children to attend a small Catholic school where they are known well, respected and treated like a member of the family?
  2.  Do you want your children to attend a school where every student is challenged and supported to achieve ambitious goals?
  3.  Do you want your children to attend a school where parents are welcome and encouraged to participate in meaningful ways?
  4.  Do you want your children to attend a school that is fully accredited, has strong standardized test scores and teachers are continuously improving?
  5.  Do you want your children to attend a school that has current wireless technology, personalized computers for students in grades 5 through 8 and SMART Boards in every classroom?
  6.  Do you want your children to attend a school with bus transportation, a Before and After School Program, a myriad of after school activities and athletics?
  7.  Do you want your children to attend a school that offers Art, Music, Band, Physical Education and Computer Class?

Our Location

Our Lady of Humility School is located in Beach Park, Illinois. Beach Park is a northeast suburb of Chicago just minutes from the Wisconsin border.

Located at 10601 Wadsworth Road we are situated in the heart of Beach Park with easy access to Zion, Winthrop Harbor, Waukegan, Wadsworth and Gurnee.