Our Lady of Humility School provides a variety of programs designed to encourage younger students to develop their unique musical talents. Beginning in third grade, students are invited to learn how to read music and play the recorder. Lessons are given weekly by Mr. Christopher Hills, owner of Music on the Move.


Upon arrival to fourth grade, students may select from a variety of band instruments all of which are demonstrated to them at the beginning of the year during a special assembly program. Weekly lessons are provided during school hours as students learn to play their individual instruments and later in the year to participate in our school's "Beginner Band".

Students in fifth through eighth grade continue to develop their musical talents during weekly lessons. Participation in the school's "Advanced Band" is encouraged and culminates in participation in the "Festival of Music" which takes place annually in February. During this festival, students play individual pieces as well as small group pieces and are evaluated by professional musicians who give both oral and written feedback to our budding musicians.