Art Club

Young Rembrandts is a club which teaches drawing classes after school for an hour. Children who love to draw and those who would like to learn are encouraged to enroll. No prior drawing experience is necessary. Our classroom environment is always positive and nurturing. In addition to working on drawing skills, our program helps to develop patience, focus, attention to detail and fine motor skills. Drawing is a learnable skill when children are provided with the information to give them direction.

Math Clubs

Our Lady of Humility School is committed to offering an excellent academic program. To this end, we offer two extracurricular classes for our developing mathematicians.

Math Club is a class which meets twice a week for an hour after school. Students in the "Math Club" engage in internet based games and activities as well as one-on-one tutorials designed to bolster their mathematical skills. Under the direction of a certified teacher, the students are encouraged to have fun with math while also reviewing previously learned skills.

Middle School Math Team is open to students in grades six through eight who enjoy the challenge of mathematics and want to go beyond what is learned in the classroom.   Under the guidance of our Middle School Mathematics Teacher, the club meets once a week for an hour and covers topics ranging from Algebra to Geometry. The goal of the program is to prepare the students to participate in the Woodlands Academy of the Sacred Heart Mathalon and the Carmel Math Competition.

Chess Club

Students in kindergarten through grade eight may participate in Chess Club. The club is sponsored by Chess Scholars and combines strategy, competition and sportsmanship.  The instructors for Chess Scholars are highly proficient and are able to teach both basics and high level strategy.  The program takes place once a week after school for an hour.

Robotics Club

The Robotics Club is designed to assist interested middle school students (grades six through eight) understand how to use computer programming and coding to create movement in three dimensional space.  The moderator works carefully with our middle school science teacher to prepare students for exhibitions and contests.  The club meets twice a week after school for an hour.

Junior Choir

The Our Lady of Humility School Junior Choir is taught by the parish’s Liturgical Minister.  The Junior Choir meets once a week and prepares students to sing at school and parish functions.  Students who demonstrate interest and competence may elect to cantor either individually or with a partner.