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304a  Movie Night Basket Raffle Tickets

304a Movie Night Basket Raffle Tickets

Junior Mint 
Act 2 Buttery Kettle Corn X2--3 bags 
Pop-Secret Popcorn 6 bags 
Snicker Minis 
Milk Duds 
Reese's Pieces 
Sour Patch Kids 
Popcorn Seasoning--Butter
Popcorn Seasoning--Salted Caramel 
Blue DIamond Almonds Honey Roasted 
Mike and Mike Mega MIx 
Planter's Deluxe Honey Roasted Nuts 
Pop Secret Premier PopcornX3--3 bags each
Chex Mix Family Size 
Orville Redenbacher's Popcorn--12 bag 
Popcorn Bags X2--8 unites each
Mainstays Plush Throw 

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