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Little Berets Pre-School Programs

Our Lady of Humility School offers two full day programs for preschool aged children.  Both programs offer a three day or five day option, both are taught by professional educators and both have teaching assistants who assist in providing a personalized educational program to meet your child's needs.  


Children learn more during the preschool years than at any other time in life! Our Lady of Humility Preschool will help your child embark on a lifetime of learning, in a faith-filled classroom atmosphere.


At OLH, we provide a warm, inviting and safe classroom environment for your child's first school experience. We believe each child is a precious individual whom God has blessed with their own likes, dislikes, interests and abilities. Every moment in the classroom is important ~ for each smile, word of encouragement and kindness given helps shape the life of our students. OLH provides the foundation for your child to develop self-confidence, faith and a positive outlook which they will carry with them throughout their school years. We invite you to learn more about our philosophy, curriculum, class offerings, or to schedule a classroom visit.


Our Approach

Our preschool program is conceptually based and fosters curiosity, creativity and social interaction. We believe that a child's intellectual, physical, social, emotional and creative growth is nurtured through play, wonder, and active, meaningful involvement in first-hand experiences.


Preschool learning is about discovering through math and science. It is about developing language skills, social skills and fine motor skills. It's about building confidence and self-esteem. At OLH, we believe all of this, and more, can be learned through purposeful and meaningful play. A child's play is their "work"! We provide both guided and free-play to nurture imagination, initiative and problem-solving. Children need to learn in a way that is meaningful to them. For example, they learn more about an apple by exploring a real apple than they would by looking at a picture of one. Our curriculum utilizes Developmentally Appropriate Practice (DAP) teaching techniques to provide our students with a significant, hands-on learning experience. The DAP approach helps children learn in a more fun, interactive and meaningful way. Our program values the teaching of socialization, cooperation and respect in a living Catholic faith environment.


Program Goals

At OLH we strive to provide experiences and activities that:

  • Help children develop their creative thinking skills.

  • Engage children in creative hands-on learning experiences.

  • Create a warm, nurturing environment that fosters a positive self-image.

  • Encourage children to develop social skills which promote positive relationships.

  • Enhance the children's physical development and skills.

  • Share the values and beliefs of our Catholic faith with our children.

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