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The 1950’s was a decade of rapid population growth in Lake County.  With its proximity to Lake Michigan, affordable property values and large country lots, the Village of Beach Park quickly became an attractive option for families looking for a safe and affordable community.  The small country parish of Our Lady of Humility was growing rapidly and with its growth came a need to offer the children of the parish the opportunity to receive a Catholic education.  

In the mid 1950’s the parish invited the Sisters of the Holy Child Jesus who resided in nearby Waukegan and who had a history of establishing schools, to open Our Lady of Humility School.  The sisters accepted the invitation and began working with parish leadership to build a small school with one classroom of students in grades one through six.  


On September 8, 1958 classes began at Our Lady of Humility School.  The student body was comprised of 146 children and the blessing of the school was done on May 24, 1960 by Cardinal Meyer.  The present enrollment includes two preschools, a kindergarten that was added in 1974 and an elementary to middle school program that extends to grade 8.  


In the mid 1990’s, the school and parish recognized a need to grow the school by constructing a multi-use parish center, gymnasium and additional classrooms.  These classrooms now provide space for the two preschools and the kindergarten class.


In 2012, as the school continued to grow, a need for a dedicated middle school was identified.  Funding for the four classroom addition was made possible through a parish-school collaboration which saw the construction completed in 2014.  

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