Elementary School

Elementary – Kindergarten through 5th Grade

Our elementary program includes a full day kindergarten program which prepares students for their first grade experience through best practices in instruction and through curriculum alignment with first grade.  A full time assistant in kindergarten, first grade and second grade keeps the teacher to student ratio appropriate to ensure all student needs are met.

Teachers in kindergarten through fifth grade offer a combination of whole group and small group instruction to create a learning environment that is supportive, nurturing and challenging. They work closely with colleagues to identify and implement best practices in curriculum and are involved in ongoing professional development.  Student centered learning expands teaching beyond the textbook.  Our curriculum stresses literacy reflected in the emphasis on phonics, reading, and writing in addition to a strong focus on math and science.

Students in grades kindergarten through five are assessed using the AIMS WEB fluency and mathematics computation assessments.  These very brief assessments are used to differentiate instruction in both Reading and Mathematics.  Using a Guided Reading Program, students are placed in flexible groupings commensurate with their demonstrated abilities.  Students in grades four and five are assigned to one of two different mathematics classes commensurate with their ability.

The Catholic faith is integral to the Our Lady of Humility experience, woven into the fabric of our curriculum and programs.  It is the foundation through which we develop teacher to student and student to student relationships.