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Principal’s Advisory Council (PAC)  

The Principal’s Advisory Council (PAC) is a committee of parents and community members who meet monthly to advise the principal and pastor on matters related to the operation of the school.  As an advisory board the PAC assists in the effective operation of the school through the sharing of their expertise in areas such as marketing and public relations, fundraising and technology.  

PAC meetings are open to the public (OLH parents and parishioners) and issues can be addressed during the Public Comment/Open Forum at the beginning of the meeting. Meetings begin at 6:30 PM and take place in the school's teacher's lounge.

Principal’s Advisory Council Members:

Miss Maggie Dolan, Principal

Father Paul Stemn, Executive Officer

Christina Galgan - President

Tiffany Streed-Juhrend, Secretary

William Lindo

Myra Gaytan Morales

Kate Cowart

Laura Arias

Meeting Minutes

Principal Advisory Council Meetings

2020 - 2021









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